FilthyBroke Recordings resides in the smallest town in the smallest county in the smallest state in the US. This is fitting, as we typically do small runs of releases on cassette and vinyl.

We've been really fortunate to have been going strong since 2014, as a physical and digital label, and we focus on each release being a piece of art... Both sonically and aesthetically, hopefully something special.  


Since starting this adventure we have been so lucky to have worked with some amazing artists despite our desire to never repress a release.  Some of these include:

  • Odd Nosdam (Anticon)
  • Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four Inc.)
  • Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia Co-Founder, Remixer of Radiohead, Cobby & Mallinder, Cobby & Litten, Ad Infinitum…)
  • Zackey Force Funk (Volcom, Hit+Run, Dublab, Machina Muerte)
  • Walter Gross (Small But Hard, Sole's Black Box Tapes)
  • Gajah (Project Blowed)
  • Nacho Picasso (Fake Four Inc., Rapper for Blue Sky Black Death)
  • Kenny Dennis aka Serengeti (Anticon, Mello Music Group, Joyful Noise)
  • YAH! aka Dean Cavanagh (Acclaimed author, screen writer, musician, music jounalist. Regular Irvine Welsh collaborator) 
  • theclosing Vienna, Austria (wolkenvorhang)
  • BALAM ACAB (Tri Angle Records, Orchid Tapes)
  • SARN (Deathbomb Arc)
  • Fremdtunes
  • Molly Drag 

So many more great folks.  We even managed to start hosting a Guest Mix series that has featured JPEGMAFIA, Trance Farmers (Stones Throw/Leaving Records), DeadFader, DJ Mace (Fremdtunes), Steve Cobby from above, and Stephen Mallinder twice… He's that awesome dude from Cabaret Voltaire and Wrangler.  It's been a hell of a ride in this short time, here's to keeping things weird and rocking regardless of genre and having fun while we're at it.  

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