Mixing & Mastering


We know all too well that proper post-production can be extremely expensive and often out of reach for many artists.

That's why we offer affordable mixing and mastering solutions that utilize both analog gear and digital plug-ins of the highest quality such as Sony Oxford, Softube, etc. Analog summing is a snap with the 16-channel console. Dynaudio and Adam monitors are what we A/B on, we'd love to work with you to get the sound you specifically want.

All genres of music are fair game and it is an interactive process in which you, the artist, will have input all along the way. Pun intended. Contact directly for rates and availability.

Thus far we have had the pleasure of doing post-production for Fake Four Inc., Sole's Black Box Tapes & Walter Gross, Megakut Records, many New England artists both established and up and coming, and about 15 LPs coming out of the Bay Area in 2017 alone. Most recent clients include Sole, I Had An Accident Records, Star Bakery Records, DIY Bandits and more. This work extends to labels overseas and here at home and crosses all formats... Vinyl, Cassette, Digital, Lathe, and beyond.

Portfolio available upon request.